Plasma Coating Thermal Spray,HVAF,HVOF

Plasma Coating Thermal Spray,HVAF,HVOF
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Thermal spraying services can enhance the performance of products while reducing the manufacturing and maintenance costs. It is an industrial coating process that uses a heat source and a coating material that melted into micro droplets and sprayed onto surfaces of the workpiece at high speed. Thermal sprayed coatings are typically applied to metal substrates, but can also be applied to some plastic substrates.

Wide-range of industries with tough surface issues on their most critical components turn to coating services for their solutions. Such as power generation, oil and gas, metal processing and chemical processing industries. At Yiren Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd, we can provide thermal spraying includes Plasma Spray, HVOF and HVAF as finishing service. Contact us today, and you will get superior crafts, on-time deliveries, personalized services, and quality-assured products.