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The Client Come To Our Factory For Inspection


Today, our client from the world's leading oilfield service company come to our factory for inspecition. As the recovery of the oil industry, they have added their order for oil and gas machining parts this year. 

We have cooperated since 2005 and we provided them over 32,000 pcs of parts in 80 different piece numbers. Among those parts most has been recognized as the only supplier in China, especially for monel machining parts.As a huge transnational enterprises, they have strict requirement on products and work flow. This time they come to our factory not only to discuss new order but also inspected our equipment and production process. During the inspection, they speak highly of our software and hardware and also satisfied with our production and process Control. Meanwhile, they come up with some other new requirements and suggestions for our improvement. The coming of the clients bring us new orders and strengthen our confidence to provide better precision machining serivce, we will work harder and make more progress to meet custom needs as far as possible.

If you are looking for an Oil and Gas machining company, Yiren Machinery will be a right choice. To learn more about us, please visit www.yirenmachining.com or send mail to us at songzy@yirenmachining.com.