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Implement In-process Inspection To Provide High Precision Machining Service

For manufacturing industry, quality comes first and means everything. As a professional CNC machining factory, Shaanxi Yiren Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd insists on providing high quality precision machining service.


In-process inspection helps to control the quality of products by helping to fix the sources of defects immediately after they are detected.  This is useful for improvinproductivity, reducing defect rates, and reducing re-work and waste. At Yiren, we strictly implement in-process inspection according to requirement. All parts are removed to temperature controlled inspection room for surface and dimensional inspection after each processing step.  Meanwhile, each part corresponds to a flow chart, so we can track every step and make sure it is under control.


If you are looking for a reliable machining workshop, Yiren will be your right choice. For more information about our machining capabilities, please visit www.yirenmachining.com/cnc-machining/. Any inquiry contact us at songzy@yirenmachining.com.


                   In Process Inspection                                                                         Workpiece With Flow Chart