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Internal Alignment Collar End Cap,Monel Machining Part for Oil and Gas Industry

Part Name: End Cap M10 Turbine F/-Internal Alignment Collar

Industry: Oil and gas

Material: Monel K500 

Material Hardness: 26-35 BHN 

Total Processing Step: 19

Processing Time: 20 Days

Main Processing: Turning, CNC Turning, CNC Milling, 

EDM cutting, Drilling

Tolerance: 0.02mm

Trade Form: Foreign Trade

Production File

Monel is composed of nickel and copper, with small amounts of iron, manganese, carbon, and silicon. It has high acids and alkalis corrosion resistance and mechanical strength with good ductility and low coefficient of thermal expansion. It is most commonly used in oil and gas industries. Yiren machinery has fouced on manufacturing of oil and gas machined parts over a decade. For this End Cap we have already produced 16 batches in total 389 pieces. There is rigorous technology process and strict quality control system in our machine shop to ensure each of our product meet customs requirement. To learn more about our machining capabilities or request a quote for precision machining service today.

Our sevices

1. CNC Machining

2. Wire/Sinker EDM 

3. Grinding

4. Shot Peening

5. Thermal Spray

Industries served

1. Oil and gas

2Medical Device 

3. Automotive 

4. Military

5. Aerospace

6. Industrial Products 

Our advantages

1.  Good quality and competitive price.
2.  Rich experience and good technology support. 
3.  Advanced producetion and measurement equipment.
4.  Strictly quality control.

5.  Short lead time (7 - 30 working days ).

6.  From small quantity to high volume. ( 1pc rapid prototype sample available!).
7.  OEM / ODM and contract manufacturing.