Copper Precision CNC Machining Services

After years’ effort, Yiren Machinery has become a premier aerospace machine shop. We have cooperated with Aviation Industry Corporation of China and supply for cnc machining aerospace parts since 2003. If you are seeking for an aerospace machining company, Yiren Machinery is your good choice.

Product Details


Although it is the third most commonly-used metal in the world, the softness and malleability of copper make it difficult for many in our industry to work with. Fortunately, Portland Precision Manufacturing Company has many years’ experience in machining copper, and can produce tight tolerance, high precision copper parts that match your exact design specifications.

A highly skilled staff and advanced equipment allow us to deliver machined copper parts with tolerances of ±0.0005” or better. Copper CNC machining technology ensures perfect repeatability, from the first part to the last, in any quantity, whether you need a single prototype component or high volume production runs with tens of thousands of pieces. Anything you require, from the simplest parts to the most intricate, can be machined to match your exact specifications.

Machining Equipment

MORI SEIKI NH4000 DCG Horizontal Machining Center: Full 4 axis capability with 24" x 16" x 16" work cube, 25hp, 2000 rpm spindle.

LEBLOND MAKINO A55 PLUS Horizontal Machining Center: Full 4 axis capability with 22” x 22” x 22” work cube, 30hp, 12,000 rpm spindle.

Vertical Machining Centers: High speed precision machining with incredible accuracy

MORI DMG Vertical Machining Centers (x2). Full 5 axis machining with a 53" x 23" x 41" work cube capacity, 30hp, 12,000 rpm spindle speed, with the most advanced control system on the market.



MORI SEIKI NV500B/40 Vertical Machining Center: Full 4 axis capability with a 40.0” x 20.1” x 20.1” work cube, 30hp, 12,000 rpm spindle.

MORI SEIKI NV 5000 Vertical Machining Center: Full 4 axis capability with a 31.5” x 20.1” x 20.1” work cube, 30hp, 12,000 rpm spindle.


HAAS (2007) VF2SS 24 Tools. Full 4 axis capabilities, with 36” x 14” work cube, 30hp, 12,000 rpm spindle.


HAAS (2007) VF4SS 24 Tools. Full 5 axis capabilities, with 52” x 18” work cube, 30hp, 12,000 rpm spindle.

FADAL VMC-6030, 21 Tools Full 4 axis capability with 60” x 30” x 30” work cube, 15hp, 10,000 rpm spindle.
2 HAAS VF4SS, 21 Tools Full 4 axis capability with 40” x 20” x 28” work cube, 15hp, 10,000 rpm spindle.

Turning Center

MORI SEIKI NL 1500 2 AXIS Turning Center, turning diameter 14”, Max length 20”, 8000 rpm Turret Max rotary tool spindle speed 6000 rpm
MORI SEIKI SL25-B Turning Center: Quick and Accurate with 2 ½” bar capacity, 10” chuck, 3500 rpm spindle, 20” z-axis.
DAINICHI F-20 Turning Center: 2” bar capacity, 8” chuck, and 4500 rpm spindle.

Manual Equipment

GRAZIANO Engine Lathe 17” x 60” • WACHEON Engine Lathe 21” x 80” • 2 - BRIDGEPORT Mills • 2 - Bead or Sand Blast Machines • ELECTRO ARC Tap Disintegrator • HANSVEDT Plunge EDM • HARDINGE DSM Lathe • HEM Automatic Band Saw 10” x 10” • 2 - SUNNEN Production Hones with Automatic Power Stroke • 3 - Vibratory Burring Machines

Inspection Equipment

ZEISS Contrura G2 CMM  BROWN & SHARPE Coordinate Measuring Machine with SPC software • TESA-HITE Plus D • UNITED METROLOGY Optical Comparator 24” screen • ROCKWELL Hardness Tester • B&S Surface Tester • Micrometers to 24” • 3 - FEDERAL Air Probe Units .000025 Resolution


Product Name

Custom CNC precision machining auto spare parts factory supply aluminum parts

Material available

Plastic ---ABS, PC, PMMA,POM, PA(Nylon), Rubber, Silicone.etc.
Metal---Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Stainless Steel, Sheet Metal.

Machining Equipment

CNC Machining Center, CNC Lathes, CNC Milling Machine, Linear cutting machine,grinding machine,etc.




+/-0.005mm/can also be customized.

Surface treatment

Anodizing,Plating,Brushing,Polishing,Blacken,Powder coating,Sandblasting,De-buring, Passivation,laser printing,silk-screen printing,etc.

Drawing format



No MOQ Required,one PC is fine for us.

Lead Time

5-20 days accordingly to your orders.

Quality system

100% inspection before shipment,(CMM,Projector,Gauge and other inspection tools)

Part Color

Silver, Red, Blue, Gold, Oliver, Black, White & etc.