Aluminum Precision CNC Machining Services

After years’ effort, Yiren Machinery has become a premier aerospace machine shop. We have cooperated with Aviation Industry Corporation of China and supply for cnc machining aerospace parts since 2003. If you are seeking for an aerospace machining company, Yiren Machinery is your good choice.

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Precision machined aluminum parts are becoming a choice for many industries. Aluminum is one of the popular materials due to its excellent mechanical properties. These include affordability, softness, durability, and corrosion resistance. Today, accurately machined aluminum parts are becoming popular in aerospace and military, medical, and industrial engineering. Special techniques and CNC machines are utilized for aluminum CNC machining because it requires precision. 

Aluminum CNC Machining Services Offered

Precision Machining: Our facility is equipped with a wide range of CNC machines including CNC lathes, turning centers with live tools, horizontal and vertical band saws, etc. This helps us to produce precision machined CNC parts. 

• CNC Milling and Turning: We have equipment with 3, 2, 3+2, and 5 machinery axis, which helps us provide end-to-end CNC milling and turning services.  Additionally, we can offer sub operations, such as knurling, milling, drilling, etc. 

Production Wire EDM: At BDE, we produce high precision machine parts using 4 axis wire EDM. Additionally, we have the capability of providing tapered cuts up to 45 degrees. 

Material Grades We Work With

Aluminum 6061: This grade is one of the most popular aluminum grades, due to its excellent mechanical properties, as well as weldability. Aluminum 6061 is most commonly extruded grade, due to its typical properties, such as good toughness, medium to high strength, excellent corrosion resistance in harsh environments, easy anodization, and good workability. Aluminum 6061 is extensively used for 5 axis CNC machining. 

Aluminum 7075: This is a popular grade after 6061. Aluminum 7075 is well-known for its excellent fatigue strength. This grade is not easily weldable and is one of the extremely expensive variants available. Hence, it is most commonly used for tough components, such as aircraft wings, and fuselages, bicycle components, rock climbing equipment. This alloy has better corrosion resistance than the aluminum 2000 alloys. Most times, machine operations are conducted using oil lubricants. 

Aluminum 2024: The alloy is widely used in aerospace and military applications, due to its mechanical properties, such as high fatigue resistance, high strength, and susceptibility to thermal shocks. Aluminum 2024 is not easily weldable and offers poor corrosion resistance, too. 

• Aluminum 5052: This non-heat treatable alloy is regularly used for building machine parts, and components to be used in salt water environments. Aluminum 5052 offers good resistance to marine, saltwater, and industrial environments. The alloy can be easily punched, bent, and sheared into desired shapes. 

Aluminum 6063: The alloy has excellent mechanical properties, such as easy weldability, heat treatability, and durability. Aluminum 6063 is used for aluminum extrusion applications. This alloy is commonly used for creating complex shapes with smooth surfaces and is commonly used in applications such as door frames, window frames, sign frames, roofs, etc. 


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Waterjet Cutting and Wire EDM AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST


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