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Streamline your supply chain to eliminate painful expenses, whether they arise from processing price issues, quality assurance, or delivery set-backs.

Yiren Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is a professional CNC machining sub-contractor which offers high quality OEM machining service to clients worldwide. We specialize in partnering with our clients to provide strategic outsourcing of components for their equipment manufacturing operations. Our extensive manufacturing capabilities, strictly quality management systems and customer-focused culture ensures that our products meet critical requirements and delivery deadlines. 

Located in export processing zone, brings us huge advantages for processing trade. Especially for processing with imported materials, they will be bonded and significantly reduce your cost. Simultaneously, simplified clearance procedure requires less time. To learn more about our machining capbilities or contact us today for contract machining, and you will get superior crafts, attractive prices, on-time deliveries, personalized services, and quality-assured products. 

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