Wire EDM Cutting Machining

Wire EDM Cutting Machining
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Wire EDM Cutting Machining

Wire EDM machining is a process that uses an energized thin wire cutting conductive materials. This method uses fast, controlled, repeated spark discharges from the wire to the workpiece, thereby cutting the metal away. We can work with components up to 800mm (31.5") long, 600mm (23.6") wide and 450mm (17.7") high within the tolerance of ±0.05mm (0.002").

Wire EDM machining will be used when abnormity section and hardness or toughness material has to be dealt with. Contact us today, and you will get superior crafts, on-time deliveries, personalized services, and quality-assured products.


ProcessWire EDM MachiningWire EDM Cutting
Wire EDM Drilling
Width600 mm23.6in
Height450 mm17.7in
Tolerances± 0.05mm0.002in
Surface FinishRa6.4250µin
MaterialAluminumStainless Steel
Inconel Monel 
Industry StandardsISO9001-2008