Stainless Steel Precision CNC Milling Services

Stainless Steel Precision CNC Milling Services
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Product Details

Quick details:

Product name Stainless steel Precision CNC milling services
Milling materialStainless steel
ProcessDrilling Pocketing
LengthBoringThread Milling
HeightReamingContour Sinking
ToleranceTappingContour Boring


Metal MillingPlastic Milling
Stainless SteelCPVC
Magnesium Acrylic
Titanium  Polycarbonate
Inconel Polypropylene
Monel Polyethylene

The features of CNC milling service:

1.Provide excellent and precise CNC milling service for our customers;

2.The workers who have years of experience about milling;

3.Superior service awareness;

4.The milled product has bright color and extensive applications;

5.Customized service is available;

6.Mass production is available;

7.Reasonable dilivery time.

Stainless steel:

Stainless steel has excellent corrosion resistance and it is very sturdy, so it has extensive use in our life in many aspects, such as construction, food processing, kitchen ware and so on.