5-axis Indexed Cnc Milling Services

Length                        1000mm                    39.4in Width                            500mm                     19.7in Height                          400mm                     15.7in Tolerances                  0.01mm                  0.0004in Surface Finish             Ra0.8                        32µin

Product Details

Specification of CNC Gantry Machining Center TY-SP2706B:

Item ModelUnitTY-SP2706B
table size(WxL)mm2300×6000
X-axis travelmm6000
Y-axis travelmm2700
Z-axis travelmm1000
size of machinemm2700
spindle nose to tablemm260~1260
spindle tapermmBT50/190
spindle gearrpmhighest speed 3000rpm
spindle drive with ZFreducing belt driverpmhighest speed 6000rpm,reduction ratio 1:1, 4:1
spindle belt drive milling headrpmhighest speed 6000rpm,reduction ratio 1:1
XYZ-axis ball-screw sizemm8020x6316x5010
X-axis rail sizemmX axis three heavy duty roller liner guides 55
Y-axis rail sizemmYaxis two heavy duty roller liner guides 55
Z-axis rail sizemmrectangle slide rail
X/Y/Z axis rapid feedm/min20x20x12
three axis working rapid speedmm/min1-8000
positioning accuracymm±0.02
repeat positioning accuracymm±0.01
spindle motorkw22
X-axis servo-actuatornm60
Y-axis servo-actuatornm30
Z-axis servo-actuatornm40
pneumatic source requirementKg/Cm26
table load capacitykgs20000
power requestskva45

Standard accessariesSpecial accessaries
1,full closed guard(without top cover)1, deep honing Coolant thru tool holder device
2,column postposition carrier2,CNC rotatry table
3,Double oil hydraulic cylinder balance system3,Electrical box air-conditioning device
4,Oil-water separator4,Optical Scale ffedback system
5,Cutting fluid cooling system5,High pressure coolant thru spindle
6,Double spirals type chip conveyer6,Cutting fluid automatic system
7,Crawler type chip removal/ debris collector car7,Automatic tool length measurement systems
8,Working light and daylightlamp8,Automatic work-piece measurement systems
9,Program end alarm light9,oil-pressure clamping auto 90°lateral milling head
10,water cannons and air gun for cleaning10,oil-pressure clamping maunal 90°lateral milling head
11,Rigid tapping11,lengthening milling head
12,RS232C port12,gear type milling head
13,Portable hand wheel13,milling head with five faces
14,Spindle cooling system14,Erect milling head
15,Electrical box heat exchanger15,manual Universal milling head
16,foundation pad and balance adjustment pad16,straight transfer milling head
17,One set of tool and adjustment box17,ZF speed reducer+straight transfer milling head
18,Operation and maintenance instructions

19,automatic power turn-off device

20,precision check report

21,System Operation and maintenance instructions

22,Outside varying voltage(220/380V)

23,Manual/program spindle debris device

24,Central lubricating system

Technical index

Each machine has to pass the checklist of the machine precision before shipment

1  Adjust levelness of the machine

2  Straightness of rise and fall mechansim in vertical movement

3. Verticality of the operating platform surface to the guide track surface of the column

4. Straigtness of the datum T-slot of the operating platform

5. Plainness of the operating platform surface

6. Oscillation of the spindle end

7. Circular run ou of  the spindle bore-hole axis

8. Parallelism of the rotaryaxis of the spindle to the operating platform

9. Verticality of the rotary axis of the spindle to the operating platform

10. Parallelism of the longitudinal movement of the operating platform to the datum”T“-shot

11. Vertically of the transverse movement to the longitudial movement of the operating platform

12. Parallelism between the movement and the surface of the operating platfor